What is an online coaching with me:

– To feel listened and supported.

– Tools and keys that can be used after the first session.

–  A unique way to free yourself with tailor-made support.

– Results after the first session and personalized follow-up.

Book your first 30 minutes free coaching

The first session (about 30 minutes) is complementary. This session aims to have a discussion together in order to establish an adapted and personalized follow-up, according to your own needs and pace.


The following coaching sessions are about 90 minutes in duration. Meetings can be face-to-face or by videoconference according to your possibilities.
My personalized coaching method depends on your own resources, with the help of NLP and hypnosis aimed at developing your full potential. This method belongs to the same group as short therapy and, therefore, it is different from psychoanalysis or long psychotherapy by its time limitation. In general, the accompaniment consists of 10 to 15 sessions.
The accompaniment will allow you to access all the information you have inside you. These information are stored and memorized, but are not necessarily accessible in a conscious way. They are stored in your experiences, your rea-life, your history, as well as in your fears. The brain’s storage space also contains what are commonly referred to as resources and capacities. These resources allow you to change and improve. However, few people are able to call on their resources, although they are very present. Through my practice and by inducing a modified state of consciousness, I will be your guide to allow you to access your resources and capacities.

Face-to-face session

Take an appointment in my place if you prefer a neutral, comfortable and confidential space.

If this is your first session, I invite you to book a free initial meeting so that I can help you better.

More than a session, it is the opportunity to offer a moment just for you.

In order for this session to be the most enjoyable, please make sure that :

a/ You have enough time to be at your ease.

b/ You can turn off your phone during the session so as not to be disturbed.

Due to the health situation, strict rules of social distancing will be applied at all times. The room is ventilated and your chair is sanitized before each session. I invite you to wear a mask. I will provide you with hydroalcoholic gel if you need.

The session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

For a first session, a free exchange will precede your appointment so that you can have the best benefits from the beginning.

If you have any question, please contact me by email, so I can have the pleasure to answer you quickly.

In case you are undergoing a medical treatment, thanks to specify it.

See you soon.

Isabelle Siggen


Online session

More than just a session, it’s an opportunity to have a moment just for you. From the comfort of your home.

In order for this session to be the most enjoyable make sure that :

a/ You have a reliable internet connection.
b/ You are quiet and alone during the entire session.
c/ Your cell phone/laptop is charged and/or plugged to the power socket.
d/ You are visible from head to torso with your hands free.
e/ You have headphones.
f/ Download the free zoom software.

The session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

For a first session, a free call will precede your appointment so that you can get the best benefits from the beginning.

If you have any question, please contact me by email, so I can have the pleasure to answer you quickly.

In case you are undergoing a medical treatment, thanks to specify it. 

See you soon. 

Isabelle Siggen


The scope of hypnotherapy and NLP coaching have a very large span and the list below is far from being exhaustive.
Therapeutic hypnosis and NLP coaching can accompany medical or psychological treatment. It can not be a substitute for it.


Self confidence


Burn out


Goal achievement


Emotional difficulties








Having a hypnotherapy online session

 The state of hypnosis is a natural state in which everyone could find herself/himself without realizing it, several times a day, like being present, without being present at the same time. This happens when we are in our thoughts during a bus ride… or while watching a movie we like… These are times when the mind withdraws from consciousness.

 The hypnotic state or trance state is a particular state that differentiates from awake or asleep states.

 In this particular state barriers, blockages and anchors are lifted and harmful ideas have no space. Consciousness, generally overactive, leaves more room for the subconscious. A space where our “automatic behaviors” are stored, in particular through our family, social or environmental patterns

Sometimes it only takes a few sessions to resolve the following problems:

  • Stress
  • Phobia
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeping issue
  • Addiction
  • Grief

Hypnosis allows quick access to the person’s subconscious through relaxation and therefore faster work to significantly improve the patient’s life. Regression is often used to help find the source of the problem.

Important details about hypnosis or suggestive guided imagination:

The patient remains conscious at all times and remains in control throughout the online session, there is no falling asleep… just a dialogue with the subconscious in deep relaxation.

Remote hypnosis = personal comfort Remote hypnosis sessions have many advantages:

  • Enjoy the comfort of therapy from your home
  • Save time and travel costs
  • Flexible hours
  • Respect for confidentiality

Practical procedure / Material required

 To perform a hypnosis session by Zoom, you should be equipped with :

  • A good high speed internet connection (please check it before our appointment)
  • A headset or an earpiece with microphone
  • A good quality webcam: it is important to see your upper body and especially your face during the session.

Getting ready for your hypnosis online session … 

 More than anything else you must be wanting to become the initiator of the session and willing to work on yourself.

You and your subconscious mind will be active in the session and you are the actor of your own transformation. The solution is inside you and only you can unlock and make the best out of it.

The hypnosis services are not medical orders/treatments and do not, in any way, claim to replace a medical act or a drugs prescription. They do not exempt you from consulting a health professional when necessary. Only a doctor is authorized to make diagnoses, modify or cancel any medical treatment. You must therefore continue all medical treatment and continue all ongoing monitoring.

How does it work?

 1. Online

  • Click on the “free consultation” icon for our first 30 minutes appointment and select a date form the link below


  • Select the consultation mode of your preference (online or face-to-face), then check your availability and proceed with the payment (100$ / 90 minutes session)


 2. By e-mail

If you prefer getting an appointment by e-mail or if you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact me, by using the below form.

https://www.isasiggen.com/contact/ or directly by email: isa@isasiggen.com.

 If you are unable to attend a planned session or would like to change its schedule, send me an email: isa@isasiggen.com

 Hypnosis sessions can only be cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

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